Saturday, September 6, 2008


This is the first post to my first blog. I hope you can read it, and that you might enjoy it enough to return here sometime. This comic is an ongoing conversation between a piece of toast and a jelly donut. Or doughnut. This is a comic I have been creating for a while. It has never been published and only revealed to a few people who have seen the insides of my sketchbooks. As in the comic, not all of my ideas get to live the life of something real, so will see how long this lasts. Thanks for reading!


midnight sound said...

you know what i think? toast can do anything it puts it's heart to! the print was pretty small...i needed to dig out my binoculars. keep it up!

stefan gruber said...

good to see you today, and to see you posting!
I tried the daily posting thing, it was very hard to pull off! has a daily online journal I really like.

The ExMagician said...

Dear sir --

This is, and you are, awesome.

Please keep up the good work.


Let's hang tough in North Phinney.

- Brock

Lasky said...

Glad to see this!!!


Swellzombie said...

awesome man!! Daily comics are tough, but DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! I did 300 dailies last year and now I can only do a weekly. I got too ambitious and so that's why I couldn't hack it. But you got a good idea that you can take pretty much anywhere.
check out billis's comics, he inspired me to do a daily and he's been doing them for years.

Chris Miller said...

Are you the jelly and is chris the toast?

(from Patrick)

Unknown said...

Good stuff there. I'm staying toon'd in.

-Charlie Poorman

Unknown said...

The funny thing is, T-Dog... Just saw you on the Buell yesterday, today JW, Lena-B, and me are listening to "Cody", and I get this mail of daily tickle-toons... Great to see!!!

Keep it up T, and we'll have to ride wheelies on I-5 sometime...

And I realize I posted this a week after my musings, but god these kids leave me breathless sometimes, in a good way, of course ;)