Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Old Friends

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I just got back from SF. I can't believe how much hotter it is here in Seattle! I love San Francisco and When I return to visit I always consider moving back. This cartoon was actually drawn when I visited after first moving to Seattle. Times are a lot better now, but I still miss San Francisco and I love to visit the city and the wonderful friends I made while living and visiting there.

The way I see it, San Francisco is like a European country. Everyone's cooler, everything's expensive and sometimes I fool myself into thinking that I belong there. I don't feel comfortable being myself in such a cool city! Everyone looks so cool all the time! I will always love San Francisco and the people there whom I have come to know. I'm at home in Seattle, where I can wear a fleece jacket without feeling like a tourist. I feel like I have found my place here among several great friends. It's too bad none of my San Francisco friends ever visit! Thanks for looking everybody!

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D. Christie said...

Tim- great post! I feel the same way about SF, although I have never had the money to live there, or more honestly, I have never wanted to commit myself to the poverty it would take me to live in the city.