Sunday, February 7, 2010

FotN Show

Hey Y'all,

Firstly, I haven't been posting although I have been making more comics. The computer that was in a relationship with my scanner was having issues and they decided to split up so my computer could work out its problems related to its motherboard. I see a hot young mac in my scanner's future. I just hope it can keep up with whatever new obsolescent system the new computer is running.

In the meantime please join me this Thursday, February 11th at Vermillion on Capitol Hill When there will be an opening for "BFF, Excerpts from Friend of the Nib". The Friends of the Nib is a cartoon/illustration group that I meet up with occasionally to draw. They are releasing a set of playing cards shortly, but not quite yet. This show will have art from the playing cards as well as some other stuff. Lots of great art from Jim Woodring, Bob Rini, Tom Dougherty, Max Clotfelter, Ellen Forney and more. And me.

There will be a few J & T comics up as well as the art I did for the card to be included in the playing card set.

I hope to see you there!


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