Thursday, April 2, 2009


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I'm apparently jaded about my job, which I get. It's frustrating to try and articulate an apparently legitimate gripe about work and then have someone disagree. Articulating my thoughts verbally is not one of my strengths and disagreements happen often. Then I just feel like a spoiled brat. I've been called that too, but I'd like some more support from peers to help me believe that it's not true. Every time I complain about wishing things were different, the response is that my outlook is the real problem. This may be true. But what's the harm in investigating things and trying to make them better? Now I'm really getting into trouble. What am I going to do to fix the problem? Well, I'd be willing to try some things, but it all comes down to support. And if I don't feel it, I just look for someone else to complain to. And then they say I'm Jaded.

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