Tuesday, June 9, 2009


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Alright! So it's taking me a lil' longer to get these up because the vault of previously scanned J & T's is at The Mac Store to fix an issue. Let's hope they don't all get lost! We're really gaining in the contest to get more fans than Kristen Kerr. Right now, I think it's 143 to 109. I decided that WHEN we finally triumph, I will invite all fans at that time to a party and those who cannot attend will get a special gift in the mail. These will be the benefits for joining early! So get your friends signed up over there to Facebook and become a fan of Jelly and Toast! Aight?

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Anonymous said...

i get it!
there's a reason it's called 'fuel' you know... just let it happen, man. sleep when you're dead. -sj