Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drop That Shoe

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Hey all you wonderful fans out there! I have some questions. Would you come to a party in Seattle this Friday from 8-10 ish up on Capitol Hill? I'm trying to gauge if my notice is too short before I put my money down on a venue. Jelly doughnuts and toast will be provided and beer and wine as well as the best coffee in town will be available. You in? If there's someway you could RSVP on Facebook or via e mail at tinytdog@yahoo.com that would be great. Hopefully I'll know whether or not it's on by tomorrow. Also, If you could't make it this week, would you actually come if it was next month? Or would our fan roster triumph mean nothing to you after moving on to review Kristen Kerrs IMDB options?

Also, you are supposedly able to leave a comment on here without signing up for anything. Is this working? You used to need a Blogger or Gmail account, but I tried to open it up a little.

OK, thanks for looking!

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